j’aime le paris

Isaac loves to blow stuff up. I think that’s safe to say. “Destruction is the highest form of creativity,” is one of my favorite quotes of his.


I’m putting together promotional videos and realize we have to delete a scene. A ragtag team of Ugandan commandos is traveling the world via attack helicopter (of course), destroying everything in sight while searching for whoever killed Captain Alex. When they come to Paris they mistake the Eiffel Tower for a missile launcher.

Pretty funny, but not after the tragedy of Charlie Hebdo. Wakaliwood is very sensitive to destruction amidst tender memories of violence. When the commandos attack NYC, for instance, they avoid such monuments such as the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge, and instead blow up Katz’s Deli (a monument in its own right, to be fair).


All Isaac wants to do is entertain and share his love for movies. And life intervenes. Quite often, sadly.