Slumlord Millionaire

January 19, 2015

Turns out my new neighbors, the ones I liked so much because they are quiet, left in the middle of the night without paying rent for the past 3 months. And they trashed the place – before locking the door from the inside, forcing Isaac to hire a mechanic to cut the door open.

They were a couple boda-boda drivers who slept in shifts with their motorcycles inside (as the pools of oil testify). Last night a woman banged on the door in the middle of the night and cursed to high heaven when she found the place empty. Didn’t stop her from sleeping on the cold floor, tho’.

all cleaned up
all cleaned up

The previous tenant was a nightmare. She played music at all hours of the night, and that combined with in-house rat fights, drips of condensation that fell on my head from the steel roof, and cockroaches the size of baby shoes zipping about, made my life feel complete. She also ran up the electric bill, forcing Isaac to evict her while still owing months of rent.

People in the village think Isaac is rich because he has a couple rooms like these to rent. And also because of me living here. Right now I’m happy when I have enough money for a Coke. I mean that. Really happy.


Today’s lunch:
Ebinyebwe ne lumonde (brown nut sauce and sweet potato)
The sauce is flavored with small sun-dried dried mudfish.

2 thoughts on “Slumlord Millionaire”

  1. I can’t eat anymore of all this red meat and these carbs. *burp* Threw out half a coke today because it was a little flat. What’s on TV?

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